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Advik Beauty Brazilian corset beige - M


350 AED

Luxurious and latest technology shapewear which is comfortable, providing firm control, trimming inches off your waistline and delivering that ultra-sexy figure. Discreet under your clothes, it can be worn under your clothes daily for body shaping and aiding weight loss and fitness goals. Suitable for short and long torsos. Highly recommended to apply slimming cream under it.


 - Shape Your Abdomen into and Hourglass Figure

 - Boost weightloss and speed up burning fat cells 

- Increase thermal activities and reduce bloating

- Reduce Waist Size by 3-8 cm immediately

 - Bad posture corrector

 - Help Avoid Back Injuries

 - Strengthen Core & Back Muscles

 - Help With Back Pain

 - Support Heavy Busts

 - Can Help Prevent Migraines & Headaches

 - Fashionable Accessory for slimmer appearance 

 - Sizes from XS-XXXL

- Suitable for exercising and daily use.






                                                                                 Care Details: Hand Wash Only, Line Dry, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean