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Handmade Aromatherapy Candle for attracting the energy of success


125 AED

A totally pure, non toxic, clean burning, cotton wick energy candle with only natural
essential oils. Colorful notes of good luck quintessence energy dominated by mandarin,
bergamot and the sage aromas permeate the heating duo rosewood and cinnamon
aromas. In the box tied up with a silk ribbon, you will find a scented parchment “for attracting the
energy of success” and a description book.

• 100 % natural soy bean wax, dermatologically tested;
• 100 % cotton wick;
• natural essential oils;
• burn for more than half the time a normal paraffin candle does;
• does not contain particles of oil or toxic substances that could negatively affect health
while burning. When you sincerely want to feel as if you were born under a lucky star, to meet the
right people, be in the right place at the right time, fly over the life of the boat of luck and to
experience series of successful coincidences - you just need to replenish your stocks of success!  Average candle burning time: 60 hours.

We wish you success, adventures, gratefulness and belief in miracles.


  • Natural soy wax
  • (Hydrogenated Soybean).  In our candle production we use only luxury EcoSoya CB-135, which is tested dermatologically and is proven to be enveronmentaly friendly. EcoSoya soy waxes are made with pure soybean oil and are 100% vegetable and all-natural. Soy wax is a completely natural and renewable resource. Non-toxic Burns clean Produces measurably less soot than other waxes. When burned correctly it is virtually sootfree.  Longer burn time than with paraffin waxes
  • Sweet almond oil.  Almond oil is extracted from almonds. ese are the same almonds that we are accustomed to eating. ey are used to produce sweet almond oil. is oil too has a sweet taste, making almond oil one of the tastiest essential oils. Sweet almond oil is also safe to ingest internally
  • Sage essential oil.  Sage Essential oil helps to manage depression, sciatica and lumbago as well as inducing mental stability, alertness. It is recognised as nervous stimulant. It has physical and psychological attributes and promotes contentment and self-love. It calms melancholy, paranoia, and stress.Bergamot essential oil(Citrus aurantium bergamia)
  • Bergamot Oil is usually used as an antidepressant and stimulant, it improves the circulation of blood. e smell of Bergamot create a feeling of freshness, joy and energy. Smell of Bergamot also stimulates hormonal secretions, thereby helping to maintain proper metabolic rates.
  • Rosewood essential oil
  • (Dalbergia sissoo)
  • Aromatherapists use Rosewood oil to help treat depression, as it is said to impart feelings of happiness and strength. Rosewood oil also calms the mind and prompts hormone secretion. It also works as an aphrodisiac as it stimulates your body and libido allowing you to relax and let go of stress and mental clutter.
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • (Cymbopogon Flexousus)
  • Lemongrass oil’s refreshing scent makes it a valuable aromatherapeutic oil. Its clean and calming aroma helps relieve stress, anxiety, irritability, and insomnia, and prevent drowsiness, clearing of the mind. Lemongrass oil can also help relax and feel calm. In shamanism it was used for times when the emotions are embedded in misery and you are unable to escape from it, and are in need of help to overcome it.
  • Atlas Cedar Bark essential oil
  • (Cedrus Atlantica)  Atlas Cedar Essential Oil brings balance and teadiness to the spirit. It encourages and helps to bring our dreams to reality. at Essential Oil it is one of the Angelic Fragrances, it brings the Angels of wisdom closer. It stimulates our spiritual vibration and helps to hear the inner voice clearly.
  • Mandarin essential oil
  • (Citrus nobilis)
  • Mandarin Essential oil can connect to the spiritual realms with ease and bring the whole being into balance. It gently awakens the spirit and brings vigor and sprightliness. Mandarin oil helps to connect our mindes with our soul. It has a really stong effect of deep inner Joy.
  • Elemi essential oil (Canarium commune)
  • Elemi Essentail oil is calming and rejuvenating, it aligns the chakras and relieves stress to the body.  This oil brings bal nce to both the spiritual and emotional dimensions. It is o en used for meditation and relaxation and helps to connect body and soul.
  • Cinamon bark essential oil (Cinnamomum zeyanicum).  Cinnamon boosts the activity of the brain and it is a really good brain tonic. Smell of Cinnamon helps to remove nervous tension and memory loss. is essential oil is used in aromatherapy to give a sense of calm during stressful times. It helps us find the inner love. When you smell it, it is like being at home during X-mass – safe, comfortable, gentle. Cinnamon EssentialOil is Joyful! It is a Sun oil.