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Natural Japanese Nano Hair Extension Set - 15 lines Nr 8/613

Natural Hair Extensions Set

999 AED

Kit of the safest hair extension technology in the World. The Japanese Nano Technology is the most convenient technique which will cause no problems at all, it’s absolutely invisible, without the excess hair loss, easy to install, remove and sleep with. Every woman has right to wear trouble free long, thick, natural looking and brilliant hair on daily basis and so the concept was born.  Suitable for wearing for 1 month, then can be easily cleaned and reinstalled, the Nano tape must be purchased.

We live once to have boring hair!!! The kit Includes:

1. Set of 15 Nano natural hair lines 10 cm long tapes, 20 inch long hair (perfectly enough for the full heads installation)


2. Advik Beauty remover 160 ml for convenient and easy tape removal



3. Ikonic Flexy Vent brush for convenient brushing


4. USB with the correct instructions.