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Beauty sets & gifts

Every day essentials

Root Deep Vegan and Cruelty Free Professional Anti hair-loss set

If this doesn't reduce your hair fall, nothing will!

750 AED

T-LAB Professional Instant Dry Shampoo 100 ml and Shine Veil Spray 100 ml

Mini dry shampoo & brilliant shine veil spray

105 AED

T-Lab Professional Kera Shot Ritual set

For tired, chemically treated, faded hair with split ends and other types of hair that need deep reconstruction and vitalization.

255 AED

T-Lab Professional Shiny hair Ritual Blond Ambition Set

For maximum nutrition and restoration of blonde and light hair

265 AED

T-Lab Professional My Color Envy Set

Paraben-free, SLES FREE, up to 97% of natural origin ingredients, including organic oils and organic extracts for reconstruction and colour lock of dyed and toned hair.

275 AED

T-Lab Professional Curl Passion Set - TAME MY FRIZZY HAIR!

For curly and wavy hair, which need deep nourishment and ringlet shaping

235 AED

Root Deep Absolute Advanced lll Shock and Hydroil Set

Vegan and Cruelty free 100 days anti hair-loss program

315 AED

Advik Beauty Steam iron with Liquid vitamins 160 ml

Infused with liquid vitamins steam iron

420 AED

Kleaf Natural Scalp Exfoliation set (Exfoliator, Shampoo, Conditioner)

Unique And Effective Scalp Clarification Solution

255 AED

Skin Jewelry Set 7 mixed pieces (buy 7 get 5 free)

Self adhesive Tattoos

315 AED

Anti cellulite DUO pack

Dr Kraut slimming cream 500 ml with the dry skin brush

250 AED

Advik Beauty Collagen TRIO

Collagen hair colletion

105 AED