2604 Iris Bay, Dubai, UAE

Anti hair-loss Programs

Root Deep Pre-treatment oil 500 ml

Hair retention

260 AED

Root Deep Hydroil Shock Hair Retention 30 ml - Step 1

Patented solution to reduce your hair fall in just 10 days

145 AED

Root Deep Hydroil Hair Retention 200 ml - Step 2

Patented solution to fight the hair fall, hair thinning, decreased hair density & clinically proven to increase hair density on 8/10 people in 90 days

299 AED

Root Deep Volume Boost Shampoo for Hair Retention 200 ml

Anti hair-loss shampoo

115 AED

Root Deep Volume Conditioner for Hair Retention 200 ml

Fortifying conditioner, proven to strengthen weak, undernourished hair shaft & gives better manageability to hair without build up

115 AED

Root Deep Conditioner Hair Retention 500 ml

Ultra Rich Hair Conditioning Shaft Strengthening & Smoothening Volume Boost

175 AED

Kleaf Scalp Purifying Exfoliator Scrub 150 ml

Rediscover hair growth naturally fighting the dandruff and hair fall

155 AED

KLEAF Scalp Optimizing Shampoo 275 ml

Follicular activation for fuller hair growth

99 AED

Root Deep Extra Mild Cleansing Shampoo 500 ml

Hair retention therapy shampoo for volume and anti hair-loss

175 AED

Kleaf Scalp Optimizing Conditioner 275 ml

Strengthening Conditioner Natural for all hair types

99 AED

Root Deep recharge synergy 6 ampules

Intense Phytopeptide booster

77 AED