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Swarovski Crystals Elements Clear White - 10 pcs per pack

Swarovski Crystals Ear seeds

130 AED

Ear seeds are small seeds used to stimulate pressure points in your ear. They’re a type of auriculotherapy, which refers to acupressure or acupuncture focused on the ear.

They’re based on the same general principles as acupuncture. In traditional Chinese medicine, your health depends on the flow of qi (energy) in your body.

Auricula therapy is uncommon, but the powerfully healing form of acupuncture balances mind and body with tiny Swarovski Crystals ear seeds which look like chic little pieces of jewelry, that are pressed into various parts of the ear. The effects are incredible, instant, and keep coming as you continue to wear the seeds for 10 days. This is Crystals with stickers and not need to make piercing.

Reduce the ailments for weight control, neck & shoulder or back pain, insomnia, headache, short-sightedness, constipation, nose allergy & tinnitus, quit smoking, de-stress. Helping for a facelift, irregular menstruation.

Sparkling Crystals that allow you to leave with the tiniest and beautiful Swarovski platinum magnet - plated ear seeds. This allows you to nourish your body, alleviate your desired issue(s) and look very trendy and luxury.

Easy. Stylish. Fashionable. Effective.

3 in 1 Swarovski Elements Crystals seeds for THERAPY + JEWELRY + BODY ART

Easy and quick to apply.

It can be placed on the various place of the body as Jewelry + body art.

How to use

Clean and dry the outside of your ear. Ear seeds should always go on the outside of your ear, never in your ear canal. Clean the ear with an alcohol swab. Dry it with a tissue.
Identify the correct point. Some ear seed kits come with charts showing the location of specific points. An acupuncturist can also help you locate the best points for your needs.
Use tweezers to apply the ear seed to the point on your ear. Ear seeds typically come pre-attached to adhesive tape; try not to touch the sticky side of the tape. Press gently on the tape to make sure it sticks.
Massage ear seeds gently. Do this two to three times each day or when you have symptoms. Apply pressure by rubbing the seeds with a circular motion for one to three minutes.
Change them regularly. Ear seeds may fall off on their own after about five to seven days. It’s not recommended to leave them on for more than five days, even if they’re still in place if you want to continue for therapy.
Remove them. You can use tweezers or your nails. To make sure seeds don’t fall into your ear canal, tilt your head so your ear faces the ground before taking them off

Includes 10 pieces Swarovski embellished Crystals pellets + tweezers.